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We recommend the following service providers :

Health and Well-being

APSA - Association for the Promotion of Health

Park Lane Properties commits to fight diabetes alongside APSA

APSA has built the Diabetes Care Centre in Trianon so as to offer a standard of ‘Excellence’ in diabetes care through a comprehensive approach in patient care and management. 

Please join us in supporting APSA’s tremendous work by donating here

Tel: +230 467 58 58
Email: [email protected]
Web: http://apsa.mu/about/mauritius-diabetes/


The online platform which sell and promotes environment friendly products, activities, lodging, events, courses, workshops, NGOs and businesses in Mauritius.

Contact: Angelique Samouilhan
Tel: +230 5971 1212
Email: [email protected]
web: www.ecomauritius.mu

Travel Agency

Check In Travel

For all your corporate and personal travelling.
An exclusive and very personalised service.

Contact : Carole Blatch
Tel : +230 210 9494
Email : [email protected]
Web : http://flycheckin.com/

Garden Design & Maintenance


Contact : Vincent Marin
Tel : +230 5 940 2616
email : [email protected]
web : http://www.mauritiuslandscapers.com/


Eric Chavoix Architects

Contact : Eric Chavoix
Tel : +230 698 0120
Web : http://www.nocoffee-architects.com/