Port Chambly- A unique Mediterranean village on the waterfront


For Mauritian citizens only

The Port Chambly luxury real estate program in northeastern Mauritius

The Project:

On the north-east coast of Mauritius, a Mediterranean-inspired village in the heart of the Indian Ocean - unique! Available for purchase and rental, Port Chambly’s residences range from on riverfronts in estuaries, between idyllic gardens, paved streets, bridges and canals. On the ramparts, an elegant hotel overlooks the village square and the breathtaking view of the sea.

The Design

Port Chambly is a Mediterranean-inspired village in the heart of the Indian Ocean.

The 2 kilometres of volcanic stone walls that enclose the property immediately give the tone of a private village. Crossed by canals, Port Chambly takes shape between waterfalls and islets. It is crossed by bridges, footbridges and cobblestone streets to the banks of the river that draws meanders through the mouth of the river to the sea.

From the top of the ramparts, which constitute the enclosure of the central square, one strolls on the hillside by a maze of paths, passing arches, wells and small squares to the residences. Their earth colors melt into terraces consolidated by lava rock walls.

Clinging just above the lagoon, enjoying an endless view of the ocean, the old coconut plantation Port Chambly has become a lush aquatic oasis with incredible charm. It has beautiful gardens artfully designed and carefully maintained and in the tropical climate of the northwestern coast of the island, near the water, vegetation flourishes profusely. It composes an idyllic haven, peaceful and green between the coconut palms and the bottle palms, the shaded arbours, the water currents and the cooing of the fountains. Floral effusions of bougainvillea cascading on the walls add their bright colors and velvety frangipani flowers exude their heady perfumes under the sun.


From the village square overlooking the estate you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the sea. This meeting place can be seen from afar by its bell tower. The carillon of its bell announces the setting sun and invites to come to contemplate it in its tropical flamboyance. The bell of the campanile of Port Chambly comes from the famous French foundry Paccard whose history goes back to 1776. Since then, 120 000 bells and chimes realized forged the international reputation of the Paccard bells.



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