One & Only Le St. Geran (PDS): A limited collection of 52 unequalled private homes on the beachfront


For foreigners and Mauritian citizens

The 52 unequalled luxury private homes on the beachfront, of One & Only Le St. Geran, situated on the East Coast of Mauritius, and open to foreign acquisition

A limited collection of 52 unequalled private homes in Mauritius. One&Only invites you to own a slice of its tropical paradise, a once-in-a-lifetime freehold beachfront property investment to be treasured for generations to come. Be a part of the legend.

An island sanctuary to call home....
Located on an exclusive tropical peninsula, flanked by the warm Indian Ocean and azure lagoon, One&Only Le Saint Géran presents an exquisite collection of brand-new villa for purchase, among the very first One&Only Private Homes to own in the world.

Each home, unique and carefully designed, offers a spectacular island sanctuary where loved ones can gather in supreme comfort. With the joys of an iconic resort on your doorstep, and the wonders of Mauritius in your back yard, they are the perfect sanctuaries to call your own.

Introducing... One & Only Le St.Geran private Homes

Rejuvenate as the SUN RISES before your eyes..... Greet the sun as it bathes the shores in soft hues of pink. Your face aglow with the first golden rays. In the distance, the faint chirping of birds; a fisherman casting his net into the sea, utterly carefree and content. Welcome to the East Coast, a place of raw, untamed beauty
where a new day dawns, and fleeting minutes of tranquility feel timeless. Here, a wonderland of untouched beaches stretch along the coast, beautifully unassuming. Let your mind wander to the soothing sounds of waves and gaze at the sun’s last spectacle, as it sinks behind the horizon in a blaze of fiery red.

Sail to hidden coves, go deep-sea fishing, or dive to uncover coral reefs, caves and famous shipwrecks. Explore ever-changing landscapes, trekking through green and volcanic reserves, swimming beneath waterfalls, ziplining through flora, or quad biking off the beaten track. And of course, Mauritius is home to a number of distinguished championship golf clubs, where you can tee off against a backdrop
of palms and sparkling ocean.

A RESORT like no other........ Known as the ‘Grande Dame’ of Mauritius, One&Only Le Saint Géran has been making waves since her inception over forty years ago. Sparkling in warm Indian Ocean, on a private peninsula wrapped in ribbons of sand, One&Only Le Saint Géran is a vibrant tropical playground where the marvels of Mauritius are revealed in ultimate style.
Captivating excursions through our colourful capital, rugged national park, and life-filled waters. A world of active and mindful discovery on resort, from water sports to yoga and natural spa therapies. Sensational destination dining, from stylish Asian fusion to rustic daily catches served straight on the beach. And between it all, sincerely warm, personalised service in the seclusion of your blissful island retreat.

One&Only PRIVATE HOMES.... yours to own
An exclusive collection of 2, 3 ,4, 5 and 6 bedroom homes available in five different layouts, with your choice of two distinct architectural styles, each home has been carefully designed. Graced with large private pools, with multiple shaded terraces and generous secluded gardens, they are havens of peace.

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Authentic Mauritian Style... These magnificent homes are inspired by their spectacular island environment - native architecture, beautiful landscapes, and
precious natural materials. Fall in love with the blend of dynamic spaces that invite you to relax, play, and simply ‘be’.

Exclusive owner privileges:
You’re not a guest, you’re at home, and that comes with some extra-special benefits
PRIORITY ACCESS: You will have priority status when it comes to reservations for the resort’s restaurants, experiences, events, and more.
ONE TRANSPORT: You will benefit from 24-hour buggy service, so wherever you are on resort, you can be picked up and dropped off at a moment’s notice.
THE BEACH CLUB: You will enjoy the elegant comforts and convenience of this exclusive complex on your doorstep, including a shop, a toes-in-the-sand restaurant, and direct access to the beach that lies in front of the estate.
COMMUNITY: With exclusive spaces and events reserved just for our homeowners, you will connect with like-minded neighbours and create a unique ‘tribe’ of your own.
FRIENDS AND FAMILY: Sharing is everything, so your loved ones can also benefit from our exclusive services, as well as priority access on resort and so much more.
CLUB ONE: Our hub for all things active, Club One is home to a state-of-the-art fitness centre, with yoga classes, spinning, Zumba, mini-golf, tennis, padel and other activities.



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