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Apartments and Townhouses in the Mon Tresor Smart City, on the wild South-East coast of Mauritius

Mon Trésor is designed on a holistic approach to enhance a balanced lifestyle, between home, work and social life. With beautiful commercial and residential zones placed near at hand and seamlessly connected to nature and the sea, Mon Trésor’s residents will reconnect with a lively and fulfilling lifestyle.

Sports Complex
Mon Trésor Sports Complex is an integral element of community life as it flows from its healthy-town philosophy and deriving objective to promote an active and healthy lifestyle for its inhabitants. Located within walking or cycling distance from the residential area, Mon Trésor Sports Complex is easily accessible to all and it offers a convivial place to keep in good shape and enjoy leisure activities too.
Mon Trésor Sports Complex offers up-to-date, fully serviced and maintained infrastructures, facilities and equipment mean to encourage and develop the regular practice of outdoor sports and indoor workouts. The complex comprises a spacious gym, a swimming pool; volleyball and tennis grounds. A wellness section is also planned - it will provide treatment rooms for sports, energizing or relaxing massages.

The Sports Complex will also be, in due time, an essential contributor to the implementation of the active senior citizens concept that is fundamental to the Mon Trésor Retirement Village development.

Cycling Tracks:
Mon Trésor’s healthy town proposition is strengthened with cycling as an active transportation option and an integral part of the daily life of its residents.

Committed to sustainability and quality of life, Mon Trésor includes green mobility infrastructures, with cycling tracks either integrated to the Complete Streets network or run along the preserved natural corridors that are part of the internal network of green infrastructure.

Having a framework that encourages safe walking & cycling not only promotes a healthy lifestyle – it also enhances social interaction. Mon Trésor cycling tracks are scenic and lively places that make people feel comfortable and provide them with enjoyable opportunities to connect with other residents and visitors.

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Beach facilities:
Interwoven with a luxuriant countryside, opening out to an unspoilt sea frontage, Mon Trésor Smart City offers the exclusivity of a vibrant beachside that is accessible from all of its precincts through its amazing pedestrian boulevard.

Mon Trésor has a long-standing connection with the sea and the new coastal town’s sea frontage will be open to residents and visitors through cautiously developed beach facilities whilst implementing a sustainable development approach to ensure minimum environmental impact.

Starting with basic facilities to enhance personal comfort, in the form of lounge chairs and kiosks to offer shade and protection from the sun, the complete development of Mon Trésor beach facilities plans a full-fledged beach house. An adult swimming pool, children’s pool adjoining the kids club; a terrace bar and a restaurant with buffet area and a terrace area. The overall concept will set a rustic beach décor, an authentic atmosphere breathing with simplicity and a friendly and lively ambience.

Ulterior phases of Mon Trésor sea front development will integrate, in due time, an extended promenade all along the property’s coastline, connecting it with adjacent beach spots and resorts; an array of sea sports and nautical activities for all and a full-fledged boat landing station.

Shopping Mall:
Mon Trésor Downtown Centre offers mixed-used commercial facilities. The downtown architecture, inspired by tradition, revisited with a contemporary approach, creates an authentic architectural composition with a distinctive identity that beautifully blends in with the historical setting of Mon Trésor.

Comprising, in a cohesive and ingeniously structured area, a diversity of boutiques; convenience and specialty shops as well as stylish food and beverage venues, Mon Trésor downtown centre makes up an attractive setting and weaves a lively convivial ambience. Residents and visitors love to converge here with family, friends to share a good time and shop around in a leisurely manner.

Mon Trésor also includes at its external gateway retail and lifestyle centre covering a full spectrum of bigger stores as well as popular food & beverage outlets brimming with activity and enhancing interactivity with the regional neighbourhood.

Mon Tresor Central Park:
In Mon Trésor, major and minor green open spaces are easily accessible and greenery is always visible from wherever one is. Designed in accordance with best world practice, Mon Trésor Central Park is an integral part of its sustainable and eco-friendly urban design. Everyone can walk from home to the central park within minutes. It offers an entertaining and beautiful natural landscape that merges beautifully with man-made elements. Here, one can sit on a bench to take a true breath of fresh air, refresh and replenish; enjoy a safe play space for children close to home and where they can immerse in an all-natural and healthy atmosphere. All Mon Trésor parks are easily accessible by way of the town’s interconnected cycling and pedestrian network which constitute its network of green arteries.

Mon Trésor Central Park not only provides a play-and-relax amenity space for kids and adults – it also serves ecological functions in line with the town’s fundamental values. It is, as such, much more than just a conventional green space – Mon Trésor Central Park enhances quality of air and water to sustain a healthy ecosystem, improve bio-diversity and the overall wellbeing of its residents and visitors.

Also to be present in the village: medical facilities and education, and access to a variety of natural sea and forest areas, Mahebourg Fisherman’s Village and access road to the airport.

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