Moka Smart City (Smart City Scheme) : In the heart of the island


For foreigners and Mauritian citizens

The Smart City of Moka, well located in the centre of the island, with residences, schools, commerce, medical and sport centres

This well located Smart City has everything one needs for a happy lifestyle, with cleverly laid out neighbourhoods, beautiful buildings and a range of schools, medical centres, sports and leisure activities inside and out in the nature, and commercial, business and residential areas.

The Moka Smart City is well located for easy access to all major towns. The precincts are set out as follows:
Bagatelle and L’Avenir - Commercial Activities
Telfair - the City Centre
Helvétia and Courchamps - Residential Neighbourhood
Vivéa - Business Park

Helvétia is the heart and soul of Moka. One of the Smart City’s first mixed and integrated neighbourhoods, Helvétia offers an enriching and pleasant lifestyle for residents of all ages. A precursor of the Smart City’s soft mobility philosophy, all of the precinct’s essential areas are within walking distance of each other!

Helvétia’s residential area is fully integrated into Moka’s urban fabric. Well planned and in harmony with the environment, it offers a lifestyle based on authenticity and modernity. With its cycling and pedestrian paths, three access lanes, and its immediate proximity to the two national motorways, it is also well connected.

Duplexes at Les Promenades de Helvétia are NOW available. The third duplex phase on sale within Les Promenades de Helvétia comprises eight duplexes of 190 to 268m². With a redesigned architectural style, while retaining the lines that made the success of the early phases, all duplexes offer generous outdoor spaces, welcoming to to enjoy life in the open air. With 3 and 4 bedroom offers, 3 parking spaces and private gardens!

Les Promenades de Helvétia also boasts beautiful apartments.

Moka Smart City’s new precinct, L’Avenir, stands opposite the famous, unique Pieter Both Mountain and the beautiful Moka mountain range. It is well-connected to the rest of Mauritius through the M3 motorway (Terre Rouge/Verdun/Ebene) and the B49 road from Saint Pierre. La Promenade is a linear park dedicated to soft mobility that will ultimately pass through L’Avenir to ensure the best integration of the area.

This precinct extends over 130 arpents and is positioned as a mixed-use neighbourhood with a commercial and business area as well as a separate residential part. Commercial Land is NOW available.

It has direct access and visibility from the M3 motorway, which is a decisive advantage in terms of providing an ideal environment for business, warehousing and light industry uses. Land has been earmarked along La Promenade and the future “city square” for companies looking to set up their offices closer to the residential area.

As with all developments within Moka Smart City, there are stringent architectural guidelines to ensure the quality and harmony of both the residential and commercial areas as well as achieve value gains over time.

The following facilities are found within 3 km of L’Avenir: Bus station, Post office, Snacks and restaurants, Banks & ATMs, Kendra Commercial Centre, Les Allées Commercial Centre, Synergy Sport & Wellness Institute, Total & Shell filling stations
and a nursery!

Vivéa: A strategic location to do business in Mauritius!
Vivéa is built on the site of a former sugar factory, amidst vestiges of the past and century-old trees. It is the result of a successful conversion that began in 2007 with a vision to create a business centre offering a convenient, inspiring setting. The place has continued to develop and currently includes an in-house nursery, 2 restaurants, a business incubator with co-working spaces as well as 60 companies and more than 1,500 employees. On-site amenities and efficient connection with the rest of the island are key to offering an ideal business environment.

Vivea: Latest developments
Opening of The Pod: 5,000 m² of new office spaces for rent
Opening of a new restaurant – L’Escale Mauricienne – at the Pod
Opening of Mokaray, a restaurant serving typical Mauritian cuisine, at the entrance of Vivéa Business Park
Les Fascines currently under construction: two new office buildings of 3,299 m and 5,270 m² developed by Oficea
Seven new buildings under construction by third-party developers

Telfair - the vibrant city centre!
Welcome to the dynamic upcoming downtown area of Moka Smart City. This precinct draws on and gathers all the strengths of the city in a single location around the concept of LIVE | WORK | PLAY | CARE.

More than a destination, it is set to become a place that is alive 24/7. A new vision of the city centre is presented to you: a mixed-use neighbourhood with a high proportion of offices, an interconnected area with squares, lively pedestrian streets with restaurants, bars, shops and La Promenade in the middle.

Telfair is also an innovative urban planning concept in the Indian Ocean: it was designed from inception in line with principles of urban planning inspired by the codes and balance of a modern, sustainable city centre. Its urban development is different from an organically developed city. The buildings are all positioned on the edge of boulevards with ground-floor shopping galleries and easy walking interconnection between buildings.

Because bringing life to this area is a priority, international architects and the Village Well place-making agency are working hand in hand to make Telfair a vibrant destination, unique in Mauritius.

Telfair, a well-connected city centre:
There are three entrance roads to the precinct, including two national highways. Telfair also benefits from close proximity to Bagatelle and Ebène and a strategic position at the heart of the Moka Smart City.

Moka Smart City Urban outdoor living:
Moka Smart City is developing, improving and protecting 35% of its area consisting of green and common spaces: a clear advantage for outdoor enthusiasts living and working in the region!

Life in the Smart City:
The Telfair amphitheatre:

  • A 2.3-arpent (9,700 m²) oval-shaped green space
  • A 362m bike and pedestrian path around the circumference
  • A circular concrete space with bleachers in the heart of the amphitheatre
  • Ideal for picnics, group workouts and jogging
  • Complimentary activities available : Zumba, Pound and Kids Gym.

The Promenade

  • A 5.5km linear park and avenue
  • Connects Moka’s neighbourhoods from Telfair to L’Avenir
  • Pedestrian, bike and motor vehicle paths
  • A pedestrian and bike section from Helvetia to Telfair is currently available
  • Ideal for cycling and jogging

Le Parc

  • Area: 3 hectares
  • Located between Telfair and Helvétia
  • Pedestrian and bike paths
  • A compost site
  • Water retention ponds
  • A shared garden project
  • Staged work will begin in 2021

Moka, a city surrounded by nature:
The Moka mountain range is a real playground for trail running and hiking enthusiasts. By the residents’ own admission, the green nature of the city and its surroundings contributes to the quality of their daily lives. Moka Smart City now performs year-round maintenance of trail running paths in keeping with its annual flagship event, the Moka Trail.

Investing in a Smart City means taking advantage of:
For an investor :
Vat exemption on inputs, capital goods, machinery and plants
An annual allowance of 50% of capital expenditure for energy efficient equipment and green technologies
An 8 year tax holiday for property development companies
The possibility of promoting your projects to foreigners

For an individual:
A setting with a reduced environmental footprint
Constantly improving mobility solutions, including electric scooters, shuttles etc
High quality infrastructure
ICT-enabled urban services for residents: an IoT



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