Beau Plan (Smart City): Residences and commercial areas within a lush neighbourhood in the north of Mauritius


For foreigners and Mauritian citizens

The Smart City of Beau Plan, in the north of Mauritius, where one can work, live and play in a superb environment

Beau Plan, the Smart City of tomorrow:
Beau Plan has crafted a modern, creative living space, nestled at the heart of an exceptional natural estate, a place where centennial trees, orchards and relics of the island’s industrial age all integrate together. Here, residential and commercial spaces, offices, centres for learning and cultural spaces coexist.

The city’s vision? To develop an ecosystem where life, work and leisure come together naturally.

Creative and innovating: Beau Plan showcases art and culture in all its forms. From the Creative Park to the African Leadership College, Beau Plan’s residents are encouraged to unleash their creative spirit!
Authentic and qualitative: Offering all the comfort of modern life in a controlled development, Beau Plan has created a sustainable residential offering at the heart of a rich natural heritage, to be passed on to future generations.
Human and inclusive: Its innovative vision in Mauritius is focused on the desire for a circular economy and the integration of neighbouring villages. The Smart City also promotes its residents’ quality of life, offering pedestrian walkways across Beau Plan.

Smart Living every day! Avant-garde, the city of Beau Plan redefines the concept of ‘live, work, play’. Connected to the lake, offices, shops and leisure spaces by walkways and cycling lanes, the residential district is crafted as a village for couples, families, young professionals and retirees.

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The charm of a contemporary home nestled in nature. Contemporary, sober, elegant architecture; interior décor that’s just as refined as it is stylish; soft, natural materials; warm spaces made to welcome life…the homes conceived by Beau Plan meld harmoniously into the natural environment that surrounds them. It is a life rich in relationships and connection; create moments you will remember forever!
Residential offer:
• Apartments
• Duplex
• Villas
• Residential Land
• Senior Residences

Laying the foundations of smart living. The Mango Village residences are connected to Beau Plan’s lake, offices, shops and leisure facilities by pedestrian walkways and cycling lanes; you could think of it as a village.

A stroll away from your home, you’ll find a range of facilities and activities designed to enhance your life: urban parks, a supermarket, creative and cultural spaces, a fitness centre, shops and restaurants… A bustling village, nestled in lush greenery at the heart of a rich historical heritage.

When modernity meets serenity.... With striking contemporary architecture, reflecting the seamless blend of an industrial heritage within a luxurious and creative setting, the two- and three-bedroom apartments were designed to offer a high quality of life to residents.

2-BEDROOM APARTMENT: Conviviality and intimacy! The two-bedroom apartments were modeled as shared spaces, ideal for togetherness, communal living, and creating connections. This apartment makes for a cosy setting within a generous space. Designed in open-floor layouts, they combine an architecture that is functional, modern and stylish.

3-BEDROOM APARTMENT: A cosy setting in the midst of nature. The three-bedroom apartments were conceived for those who enjoy special moments with their family and friends. Affording a view of luxuriant nature, they offer a privileged living environment, particularly with open spaces that seamlessly connect the indoors and the outdoors, from the kitchen to the terrace.

DUPLEXES: Contemporary charm immersed in nature. Nestled in the heart of nature, Mango Village’s 3 bedroom duplexes are an attractive alternative to traditional apartments or houses. Residents will avail themselves of several outdoor spaces, notably a covered terrace, a private garden and an area able to accommodate a swimming pool.

Your very own oasis...... These duplexes, made up of a master bedroom and two guest bedrooms, were designed to offer residents ample space and unmatched comfort. The open-concept kitchen gives into the dining and living areas, creating a greater sense of spaciousness, and inviting family members or friends to mingle and enjoy uninterrupted quality time.

PENTHOUSES:  Accessible by lift and with all amenities provided for a comfortable lifestyle, the 3 and 4 bedroom penthouses are fabulous for home living and entertaining.

**Decopacks available for all homes.

Commercial: The strategic gateway to the North. With an innovative approach in Mauritius, Beau Plan offers entrepreneurs, and businesses of all sizes a workplace that is connected, modern and inspiring. Strategically located on the Northern motorway, this new business hub is only 15 minutes from Port Louis and 20 minutes from Ebene. Its strategic location enables you to avoid traffic congestion zones whilst being still connected to major business centres of the island.

Beau Plan redefines the work environment. A vision centered around a lifestyle with an architecture that promotes efficiency and productivity. All the ingredients come together to improve the quality of life of the Beau Plan stakeholders: a supermarket, a foodcourt and large offer of restaurants, a promenade around the lake of Beau Plan, green areas, a Boutique Business Hotel, sport facilities.

The Business District offers commercial and land space for companies wishing to establish their activities in the North, all while remaining close to the other business hubs of the island. From buildings to showrooms and studios, The Business District offers space bespoke to your needs.An intimate, agreeable setting; optimal amenities, and all the essentials are at your fingertips: we will take care of everything for you. A stroll away from the lake and The Strand, this unique vision of Business Boutique Hotel is a pragmatic space, beautifully designed and infused with creativity, where you will know what it is to live as you work.

The Strand Lakeside Offices
More than an office....The Strand provides a contemporary and elegant professional environment, redefining the workplace. Combining natural lighting and pleasant work spaces with a range of facilities, these exclusive offices have been designed to transform your team’s daily lives.

Increased flexibility....The Strand offer ranges from the size of your office to its layout, designed with one objective in mind: your total satisfaction.
A highly motivated workforce.... Staff expectations have changed, which is why companies need to evolve. Comfortable offices, on-site services and facilities, and an
attractive setting looking out over the lake are just a few of the advantages The Strand offers.

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The Lifestyle Village gathers all the essentials necessary for practical day-to-day living. Business blends with pleasure just a stroll away from your workplace:
• Restaurants and bars
• Supermarket
• Trendy boutiques
• Services



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