Why Invest in Mauritius?


Mauritius at a Glance

Over the years, Mauritius has crafted a strong growth-oriented developmental path which has enabled Mauritius to achieve one of the highest per capita income of Africa. Indeed, from USD 400 in 1968 when they obtained their independence, their development strategy has put them at the brink of becoming a high-income economy with a per capita income of around USD 10,000 today. Leveraging on its geographic strategic location and impressive economic trajectory, Mauritius has successfully positioned itself as a regional hub.

Today, Mauritius is a well-established business destination for investors seeking a secure investment climate, a conducive business environment, political stability, transparent regulations, high value-addition and an efficient financial ecosystem offering a plethora of services.
As an innovation-driven and knowledge-based economy, Mauritius is underpinned by a broad spectrum of sectors which offers a number of excellent business opportunities in numerous fields: agro-industry, aqua-culture and ocean economy, education, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, property development and smart cities, ICT-BPO, life sciences, logistics, manufacturing, media and creative industries, among others.

Mauritius, an interesting destination for expatriates - a country where life is good. Thanks to its many attractions, its breathtaking landscapes, the tropical climate that reigns throughout the year and its political and economic stability, more and more foreigners choose to come and live and invest on the island and enjoy the quality of life that Mauritius offers. French and South Africans are particularly interested in Mauritius as a destination to relocate to.

The real estate market is flourishing, and it is crucial to be well advised and accompanied in the process of acquiring a property to ensure all goes well. Whether foreigners are looking for a new life or motivated by an investment in real estate, or are attracted by an ideal place to retire, they find that Mauritius is an ideal place to settle. The excellent geographical location between Africa and Asia, the advantageous tax benefits ... this island has much, to appeal to those seeking an interesting opportunity. Of course, there is the obvious lifestyle attraction: beautiful landscapes, diverse cultures, and good potential for development ... living on this island would be the envy of anyone. If you are one of those people, then discover the advantages of expatriation.

One must not forget that Mauritius is ranked among the most ethical countries in terms of taxation by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). As such, it attracts many foreign investors. Companies, individuals or retirees, all come to benefit from the tax advantages offered by this island with dream sceneries. A flourishing real estate market, a booming economy, a stable political life as well as all the advantages of a tropical climate, Mauritius is a perfect destination for expatriates and foreign investors.

Paradise opens to the world

Over the last couple of years, the Real Estate sector in Mauritius has been on the forefront in the country’s evolution from mono-agricultural to a diversified, innovation driven and knowledge based-economy. The real estate sector has been the bedrock of foreign direct investment and has demonstrated resilience in facing volatility in world markets and has seen sustained growth levels. Historically a safe haven with its hybrid roots and the art of compromise, Mauritius is a true laboratory that is so often referred as a yardstick for African economies. Small in size but brimming with economic potential, Mauritius remains the easiest place to do business and most competitive country in Africa.

With the overarching idea to ignite growth across all economic sectors, the country has opened up acquisition of freehold property to foreigners which has resulted in a burst of new transactions in the real estate market. The zeal for innovation and foresight has urged Mauritius to take an integrated approach to urban planning, developing the island into a thriving business centre. Through its cultural richness and multi-coloured aspect and thrive to be part of world village, the Government has pursued economic liberalization through continued effort by further openings door to foreigners.

The real estate sector is particularly attractive due to the absence of any capital gains tax, estate or inheritance tax. With a surprising combination of fiscal and non-fiscal incentives, a hybrid legal machine with sound political stability, state of art infrastructure and a giant multilingual pool of professionals, Mauritius has enticed people from different corners of the world.

Testament to a good quality of living, Mauritius is known as the best country in Africa to work, live and play.

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Through various avenues namely the Occupation Permit, the Residence Permit or the Permanent Residence Permit, foreign nationals may choose to work, live or retire in Mauritius. They are also eligible to acquire property in Mauritius under prescribed conditions.

Attractive reasons to buy in Mauritius:

• Great climate, beautiful sea and beach, great quality of life
• Safe living environment with a wide choice of sea, nature and golf recreational activities
• Peaceful, multi-ethnic population
• Growing economy
• Political stability with established rule of law
• Business-friendly environment with skilled and bilingual workforce
• Excellent quality standard of education and medical facilities
• Very attractive tax schemes
• No inheritance tax, no capital gains tax, no tax on dividends
• No property taxes

Obtain a permanent residence permit when buying a property > USD 375,000 (conditions apply) *** Updated June 2020