Some advice to better sell your house in Mauritius


The advice of Philippe de Beer to better sell your house on Mauritius

Some tricks and tips to help sell your home in Mauritius and elsewhere : potential buyers of a house in Mauritius will be more attracted by the general condition of the interior than the house itself. A clean and tidy home always has a good effect on potential buyers of property in Mauritius. If the house is dirty and messy, buyers may wonder if you have well maintained it. Also, think of refreshing the paint on the walls here and there. It will not cost you much but will have a big impact. We often don’t notice how dirty the walls of our homes are when we live in... A good real estate agent will give you an objective opinion on the state of your home. Finally, during visits, let the realtor do the job. A potential buyer will more easily give honest feedback to a third party, such as the real estate agent, rather than to you, and his remarks will help you better understand why your house is not selling as fast as you think ...
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