Seller’s Guide for a property in Mauritius


Selling real estate represents considerable challenges, so it should be taken seriously. The approach is very complex, and it is of considerable importance that the real estate professional has an excellence knowledge of his sector, and all that surrounds it, to be able to accompany buyers in their search and find the right selling points that will convince a buyer, with honesty and objectivity.

It is a task that requires patience, determination, but also organization skills, a lot of professionalism and integrity, as well as the knowledge of all the various aspects of real estate sales, from the first visit to the final signature, going through the various stages of the administrative process surrounding a sale.
That’s why professionals have made it their job to provide you with the help you need and to bring you purchase offers quickly.
In this article, you will discover the valuable reasons to call a real estate agent for a property sale.

The skill

Whether it is selling a house or a plot of land for construction, a real estate agent must have great expertise in his job. First, he must have the technical skills to conclude the sale of an apartment, a house, a plot of land or a commercial property. Furthermore, the human factor must be at the heart of the transaction, he must be able to give appropriate real estate advice and perfectly master the rights of sellers and buyers. Only this way will he be the right intermediary between the owner and the buyer. In this business, one must have the gift of building long term relationships and maintaining them. A good real estate agent must be both sociable and patient, from the presentation of the property to the delivery of keys.

Negotiation skills

Although it seems obvious, not everyone possesses negotiation skills to sell real estate. This is the most important quality of a real estate agent. He will have to convince future buyers and sellers by being diplomatic and persuasive. He must, above all, be attentive to all the parties involved and be able to present the right properties, provide appropriate answers and information to potential buyers related to the real estate investment, from the promise of sale phase up to the signature of the deed of sale.

Real estate agents need to know how to discern and answer the needs of their buyers, and guide them in selecting a more restrictive list of properties that may be of interest to them and bring them to finally make their choices on one or two properties and submit their offers to the seller. Positioning himself as a real estate expert, his intervention is more credible since it is more neutral than if the owner was conducting it himself. This neutral support will allow the buyer not only to have an objective appreciation of the property, but also its true market value, which will lead him to invest in real estate more serenely.


Having made real estate their profession, the agent masters everything that surrounds this sector whether its luxury real estate or rental real estate. He has a very good understanding of the real estate market and masters the legal and financial aspects of real estate. His experience will allow him to know the price of real estate on the market as well as the various loan offers from local banks which will therefore enable him to propose appropriate investment solutions to any potential buyer.

Organization skills

The real estate agent is responsive and available and will efficiently and effectively handle the visits on behalf of the seller. This is especially useful for homeowners who do not live in Mauritius or for those who, for professional reasons, do not have the time to personally conduct visits. The real estate agent will provide the necessary organization to discharge homeowners from these hassles and having to ultimately engage in negotiations.


The real estate sector is a very popular sector. As a result, competition is fierce. To be able to put all the chances on your side, one must be able to stand out. No better way than to call on a dynamic real estate agent who will put all his heart into his work to find, meet and convince potential buyers! A real estate agent who will be patient enough to face the demands of potential buyers and who will not lose his optimism even if negotiations last. The good real estate agent will accompany the seller throughout the whole process of selling his property with enthusiasm and professionalism.

The cost

The use of a real estate agent has a cost. The commission of the real estate agent is not a crippling amount and it is worth the service, especially when it comes to high-end real estate. As a rule, real estate agencies in Mauritius charge a commission amounting to 2% of the price of the property plus VAT on these 2% to both the seller and the buyer.

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