Real Estate Investors’ Dreams: Owning Their Home!


The dream of buying real estate in Mauritius

It is fairly safe to say that when looking to invest, the first choice of investors, no matter their profile, is real estate. And with good reason too: it’s a secure and usually profitable investment; and often, a way to earn a regular income. Most importantly it’s a tangible investment, solid as a rock! However, the type of investment chosen varies greatly depending on the desires and plans of each investor. Here’s a quick overview...

The global real estate investment market is much more dynamic than you may think! Various auditing firms have conducted a number of studies on the subject. They have found today’s investors, who were formerly confined to the nearest locations and the most well-known products, are now benefiting from greater access to market data to broaden their acquisition horizon, both from a geographical point of view, and in terms of asset choice.

Large international investors have become more familiar with major foreign markets, and are no longer hesitant as to whether to invest in local property there or not. For example, in Central London, over 60% of acquisitions have been made by foreigners in the past 10 years. This illustrates best how cities like London have become gateways for international capital, according to CBRE Group, the largest commercial real estate services and investment firm in the world.

There are almost as many investments as there are investors. Those who favor tax exemption will instead look to the new side; those who intend to build a real estate patrimony more generally choose old properties. "In Mauritius the real estate sector is also growing, where we see the following trend in real estate investment by non-residents: the craze for luxury real estate. The latter has become, over the years, the sector attracting the most foreign direct investment (FDI) in the country. Non-resident foreign buyers are therefore increasingly attracted by Mauritian real estate," says Philippe de Beer CEO of Park Lane Properties. "Those who choose not to live in Mauritius all year will instead seek to invest in a property that can be rented for part of the year. You have to be well advised to make the right investment, taking into account monthly levies, sharing rental income with the management company, etc. "

From the perspective of international diversification, we see that investors are determined to expand their horizons. At the same time, in order to take advantage of all the opportunities and trends in high-growth rental markets, their acquisition strategy is to keep targeting the major international markets, while looking into new markets with potential, as is the case for Mauritius. It is clear that on this small Indian Ocean island, many international investors enjoy a combination of advantages and opportunities provided by secure and viable investment projects.

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