Property in Mauritius : Careful when buying property in direct with an owner


Cautionary note on real estate acquisitions between individuals

On real estate sites online, including in Mauritius, you can find everything in terms of prices, with vendors trying to sell their property in Mauritius directly to potential buyers at a much higher price than the market price. It is best to find your property through a good realtor in Mauritius, recognized and patented. The real estate agent will tell you if the sale price is in line with the property market in Mauritius, and will tell you if it’s a good deal or if the property may be slightly or way too expensive. Then you will be free to make offers for that property through the realtor. In addition, the real estate agent can give you guidance on the negotiated price the buyer might accept. The real estate agent’s primary objective is to sell the property by succeeding in making the 2 parties agree on a price that would be a good compromise between the price asked by the seller and what the buyer is willing to pay, ensuring that both parties come out winners. An honest and professional real estate agent does not seek its interest in negotiating !