Mauritius is one of the best countries to emigrate and acquire a property!


Is Mauritius one of the best countries to emigrate? Looks like yes!

According to a study conducted by the international law firm Bradley Hackford - an entity specializing in tax and physical residence changes in attractive countries for their taxation and living environment - Mauritius is ranked 7th in the ranking of the least taxed countries in the world in 2017. A place of choice for an island that is still developing.

"For a foreigner, one of the best gateways to expatriate in a country like Mauritius is undoubtedly the investment in the real estate market. To facilitate this, the government has put in place various schemes since 2002, and the latest is the new PDS (Property Development Scheme) which replaces the old investment programs in Mauritius IRS (Integrated Resort Scheme) and RES (Real Estate Scheme). In fact, the term PDS merges the old investment schemes previously named and which existed since 2002.
Today, these PDS (Property Development Scheme) are marketed to Mauritians and foreigners and guarantee the obtaining of a permanent residency permit on Mauritian soil under certain conditions, commented Philippe de Beer, CEO of Park Lane Properties, leading real estate agency in Mauritius, which specializes in the sale and rental of properties for non-residents and in the accompaniment of those who emigrate to Mauritius.

In addition, a foreigner would not have the right to live more than 6 months per year on Mauritian soil to become owner of a house if this is not within an IRS, RES or PDS, and more recently in a Smart City.
In order to be able to make a purchase of a villa or an apartment in an approved PDS programme, as in other programmes, it is also worth taking into consideration that a minimum of $ 500,000 (approximately € 402,700) must be invested to obtain permanent residence. Approved property projects are therefore accessible to both foreigners and Mauritians but may also be held by a company, trust or foundation. Park Lane Properties sells several real estate programs in IRS, RES, PDS and helps its clients to a successful expatriation.

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