Constant increase in sales of IRS & RES properties in Mauritius


Progress of real estate investments in Mauritius

Interesting to see that after the downward trend in 2008/2009 in the sale of IRS properties following the economical crisis, we have since then seen a constant improvement and increase in the number of properties sold in Mauritius. From 27 units sold in 2009, over 100 IRS properties were sold in 2013 and we foresee another good year in 2014.
Since the introduction of the alternative to IRS properties which are RES properties, sold with no imposed minimum selling price, we have seen a constant increase from 51 units sold in 2009 to 179 units in 2012, and a sight drop in 2013 (112 properties). Forecasts give a figure of 125 properties in 2014.
In general, we see an increasing interest of foreigners, mainly from South Africa and France, to buy property in Mauritius. There is a mixed interest in villas for permanent residence all year round or most of the year, or smaller properties such as apartments with a good rental return as a first residence in Mauritius until they are ready to actually move permanently to Mauritius.