Investing in Real Estate in Mauritius is Smarter Than Ever


White sand beaches, clear turquoise blue lagoons, lush tropical vegetation, untouched natural beauty, a favourable all-year round climate, beautifully designed homes… It’s easy to see how investing in property in Mauritius is becoming more and more popular with the young and the not-so-young.

Many developments now offer sustainability, leisure, and commercial facilities, even schools, to complete the idyllic and privileged existence on one of the most beautiful islands in the world.
“It’s not simply about buying a house, it’s about embracing a lifestyle. And there are a number of reasons why foreigners are investing in property here. Some choose to relocate, others are here for part of the year, some choose to rent out their property while they are away, others prefer to lock up and go. Singles, business owners, families, and retirees are all snapping up the opportunity to own prime real estate on the island,” explains Philippe de Beer, CEO of Park Lane Properties.

With greater movement between work, home, school, and even countries, it’s easy to see how integrating technology into our lives, and our homes, is becoming an increasingly popular requirement. And whether we’re thinking about it or not, it is definitely the way of the future. Mauritius may seem like a laid back, coconut sipping, and hammock swinging destination, but when it comes to riding the wave of technological innovation, our boards are waxed and our wetsuits on!

Azuri Riviera Villas, on the island’s East Coast, will soon become amongst the very first smart homes to be developed in Mauritius with Paoma Ltd, a pioneering provider of these advanced technologies.

Paoma’s comprehensive approach to smart home technology means that the Riviera Villas at Azuri (an IRS scheme) will deliver a complete package of wired and wireless connectivity, that will allow for the fulfillment of the integrated mobile lifestyle we are becoming increasingly accustomed to. These smart homes will offer a range of smart technology and appliances and residents will have the choice of: Access and Persons Security, Consumption and Metering, Home Atmosphere and Outdoors and Multimedia Entertainment packages, which can be adjusted according to their various requirements. From home network connectivity to smart lifestyle appliances, this technology is now fully supported in Mauritius by Paoma.

With many foreign clients, Philippe de Beer agrees that this technology is increasingly sought after: “This is particularly appealing, not simply from the point of view of turning your air-conditioning on when you’re 2kms from home, or your lights on just before you enter the front door… But for foreign homeowners in Mauritius, there is the reality of being away from home for weeks or months at a time, or even having people renting your property while you are out of the country. With connectivity to your household while you’re here – or far away in Europe, for example – you can control and monitor what is happening at home, at any time.”

As Mauritius establishes itself as a luxury destination, on par with some of the best in the world, we can safely say that it’s not only the beaches that are endless… it’s the possibilities too!