How to succeed in your move to Mauritius


For various reasons, many are tempted to leave their country to live in other places. And a lot of people are convinced to move to our island, once they have seen the beauty of Mauritius. It is no wonder, because it is a real jewel in the middle of the Indian Ocean. With the beautiful landscapes, diverse cultures, and good potential for development ... living on this island would be the envy of anyone. If you are one of those people, then discover the advantages of expatriation to Mauritius.

A heavenly setting
One of the criteria of attractiveness of Mauritius is the perfect setting that it presents. The landscape is beautiful with white sand beaches, turquoise sea and lush tropical nature. The northern and western regions are the most sought after by tourists and foreign residents while the east and the south are more authentic and wild. The tropical climate ensures sun all year even during the ‘colder’ season. Temperatures do not drop below 16 ° C in winter, that is between May and September. However, depending on where you live, you should expect visits from small insects such as inoffensive spiders, flies and other small bugs !

A good standard of living
Compared to France, the cost of living in Mauritius is much lower, with the exchange rate in favor of expatriates. Local products like fruits and vegetables are affordable. For a few euros, you can also enjoy a good meal in a restaurant. However, if you want to consume French products such as wine or cheese, you will have to spend a little more. It is also possible, if well accompanied by a reputable real estate agency, to find an appropriate accommodation in Mauritius according to your budget and criteria

Job offers
The jobs opportunities in Mauritius exist. There are many job proposals with very interesting salaries and conditions - varying according to the type of diplomas, the work experience of the person and sometimes even of the applicant’s nationality. European or more broadly foreign diplomas are more than appreciated and regularly solicited for white collar positions.

In terms of private schools, French schools are the most common on the island, from kindergarten to high school. However, there are also excellent private English and international schools. They are clustered in the North, West and Central (Moka) regions. These establishments are therefore difficult to access when you live in the South. After the High School Certificate, students often leave to study in Europe or Australia. However, choices and options for tertiary training are increasingly available in Mauritius, which is positioning itself more and more as a real Educational Hub attracting many students from the African continent. Higher education is therefore more and more accessible in Mauritius.

Mauritius has several private clinics that employ the best expatriate and island practitioners, with excellent general practitioners, dentists and many more specialized doctors. The proximity of Reunion Island (40 minutes flight) or even South Africa (4 hours flight) also facilitates evacuation in case of emergency or for access to more specialized care.

Mauritius offers a broad choice of entertainment, with cinemas of excellent quality, sports centers, recreational parks, hiking trails, and various activities such as quad biking, zip lining, etc. Of course, you will first and foremost enjoy the many beautiful beaches and water sports in the lagoons: water skiing, Seakarts, boat or catamaran trips, scuba diving to discover the dazzling seabed, paddle boarding or kite-surfing, among others.

Mauritius has a vast and unique cultural diversity. It reveals several nationalities, several languages, religions and cuisines. That’s what makes the island so charming. Although the local culture is very lively, you will never be disconnected from your culture thanks to excellent connectivity of Mauritius through fiber optic connections and mobile telecommunication.