How to prepare your property to better sell it


Private sellers are often not familiar with the various techniques of selling real estate in Mauritius. Without the advice of an experienced real estate agent, it will be difficult for someone to prepare and sell their property. As a result, visits do not always go as planned. It is essential for the successful sale of real estate, that the property is well prepared for visits. In order to give you an idea of good practices to adopt during a real estate visit, we have listed what is necessary and what not to do in front of your potential buyers.

Prepare the visits

When planning visits, you must prepare the apartment or house. Your property must appear in its best light so be sure to clean and tidy it well. Clear the space by removing anything that is superfluous. Ventilate the room by opening windows, curtains and shutters and bring in brightness, either by natural light or by ambience lamps. When buyers come to visit a property, they will want to project themselves to find out if it suits them. To allow them to imagine themselves as being at home, it is necessary to store away all your personal belongings. Then, arrange your furniture to show every piece at their best.

Prepare to welcome visitors

You must also prepare to welcome your visitors. Ensure you are always the first to arrive on the scene and greet your visitors with a smile, whatever the circumstances of the sale may be. Once they have been well received, you should guide the visitors through a well-established circuit in the house. We recommend you start with the living rooms, then the bedrooms and the garden. However, should you prefer another route, be sure to keep some consistency in the order of visit.
It is important to remain available to visitors and answer their questions honestly and patiently. Although you are required to be available throughout a visit, you should also know how to stand back when necessary. Allow them to see the room alone so that they can also discuss it with each other. The ideal would be to start and end the visit with the strong parts to leave a good impression.

Inform visitors and highlight your property

Before receiving a visitor, you must gather information concerning your property in Mauritius. You will need to talk about every detail that might be of interest to visitors. They will surely want to ask you a lot of questions and it is important not to be caught off guard. Start by noting the dimensions of the property and the size of each room. Highlight the assets of your property, whether renovations made or new facilities that add value. The best thing would be to provide each visitor with a map of the house so they can have a clear overview of the entire property.

Also remember that the more you inform your visitors of the details, the more likely they will be interested in your home. The important home environment information is therefore good to share. Highlight the proximity of shops, friendly neighbours and good schools in the area. On the other hand, do not hide the defects of your property because no construction is perfect and trying to hide its imperfections will give your visitors the impression that you are not honest. On the contrary, let them know the points that you could not solve during the renovation. They will be reassured by your transparency and will eventually overcome this defect.