Customer Reviews Gain Weight in the Real Estate Industry


After conquering the tourism, hotel and ecommerce sectors, customer reviews are now gaining the real estate market.

As individuals become increasingly demanding, industry professionals know not to underestimate their comments, or even capitalize on them. In a tense real estate market and with more and more volatile consumers, real estate professionals must offer an irreproachable customer service.
When it comes to choosing a real estate agency to buy or sell a property, many individuals consider customer reviews, word of mouth or the advice of friends as essential criteria. However, these types of transactions are often seen as the project of a lifetime and the emotional returns for this type of project are generally categorical and uncompromising. Some criticism should not always be accepted at face value. Opinions submitted online can sometimes be filed by pseudonyms with intent to harm the image of the business. They can also be legitimate and in these cases must be well managed by the company to correct a possible breach in the service offered or the customer experience.

"What counts is the reputation that a company has forged on the market….this is far more important than a few comments left here and there online » comments Philippe de Beer.

Keep an eye on your image with an effective customer relationship

The customer relationship must indeed be an effective marketing lever that will enable to build a relationship of trust with its customers, so as to build loyalty and to multiply its sales. The real estate sector often has to contend with a grazed public image. Real estate companies must help the client overcome prejudices about the image of real estate professionals.

"A satisfied customer will bring in other customers and can even call back for more service from the agency. The differentiation lever is no longer the product as such, but the real estate agent as a human person. Buying or selling real estate is not a trivial thing, it is often the project of a lifetime and each customer has his own needs and desires.
The customer experience begins on the website of the agency or in front of its window, with the photographs and the descriptions of the properties which can make one dream, while being realistic and accurate
, " explains Philippe de Beer, CEO of Park Lane Properties.

Digital in the service of customer relations

For better interaction with clients, real estate agents must exploit new technologies. Whether it is real estate transaction software, a website or other technological tools… everything is useful to facilitate communication with your network.

"Then all you have to do is use all the new technologies and media available to us (newsletter, e-mailing, social networks ...) to communicate with all customers and prospects. Do not hesitate to show them that they are very special by staying in regular contact with them, sending them personalized offers, by sending them the news of the agency, etc. » details Philippe.

Park Lane Properties is continually working towards this goal, the goal being to achieve acquiring / selling relationships efficiently and quickly with an optimal customer satisfaction.