An overview of 2020


The end of the year is already here and it’s time to breathe a huge sigh of relief when bidding goodbye to 2020 !
It is with prudence, but also with a small tingle of excitement, that we all look forward to starting a new year ... anticipating that it will bring its load of promises and hope for everyone.
When reviewing 2020, I am sure you fully agree with me that it was a very challenging year for everyone, far and near.

Challenges lead to Adaptations and Record Results !

Beginning 2020, we saw a very active property market with so many new projects and opportunities budding to life, and an increase of interest from buyers and renters in Mauritius and abroad, many of which were seeking to move to Mauritius in search for a better quality of life.

...And then the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic hit us.

We were all taken off-guard, as our borders were shut and we were confined. Who would have even imagined we would be forced to stay in our homes and wear masks when leaving our homes? Who would have thought that our island which has welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors each year and for many decades, would shut its borders to visitors? During these unexpected months, our shops, restaurants, hotels and beaches were deserted.....

At Park Lane Properties, we assessed the situation and had no choice but to change how we created and maintained our relationships with potential and existing customers. We quickly adapted, keeping very close knit within our small Park Lane family : we zoomed daily, shared our personal and professional fears and issues, supported and cheered each-other up, and brainstormed as to how better serve our faithful clients. Many overseas clients were distraught at the cancellation of their plans to visit, buy, and move to Mauritius. We stayed in touch and made sure their projects & dreams were kept alive !

We then gently eased our way out of the confinement from the month of June, and started offering virtual tours, live video visits, and reassured our clients along this new way to discover and choose the right property.
Mauritian buyers increased their interest in shifting part of their holdings from cash and bonds to real estate. Customers who had made their choices on properties prior to the confinement, trusted us and moved forward with their property acquisitions.

The period July to December has been beyond expectations. The activity in the property market in Mauritius has been extremely vibrant and positive and we registered record sales. We sold for close to MUR 500 million in property value during those 6 months only and our turnover increased by over 47% compared to last year over that period.

What has been more encouraging is that 80% of our turnover originated from our reputation, returning clients and recommendations. This is a direct result of what we have continuously built through the years : a real estate brand built on integrity, professionalism, and strong durable relationships. We received amazing testimonials confirming this and we are so thankful to each one of you for your renewed trust in our real estate services.

This end of year we see how far we have come, from survival to success, all with the efforts, energy and faith from our team and our customers, and for this I am deeply grateful.

Expect the unexpected in 2021...

The property market in Mauritius is in good health and is expected to grow this coming year. Investors will definitely continue to seek new opportunities to invest in and choose to allocate part of their assets to real estate.
Investment in office spaces within business hubs, in residential, agricultural and commercial land, in new homes, and also taking advantage of real estate "deals" with promising capital growth over the years is exactly what investors should be looking at in the coming months.

2021 will bring its load of challenges, we have no doubt about it, but will also come with its load of opportunities. We encourage you to read our regular newsletters to receive first hand information and updated news on the real estate market in Mauritius! You can also invite your friends, family and colleagues to subscribe here.


Diabetes is a disease that affects too many people in Mauritius.
The Park Lane team joined other volunteers to collect funds which are much needed for APSA to continue their fabulous mission of preventing the on-set of diabetes by early detection of risk factors, help those suffering from diabetes to achieve a better quality of life and prevent complications, as well as to provide a comprehensive care approach for people suffering from diabetes.
PLEASE JOIN US and DONATE HERE (mention “joinPLP” in your donation).

On the 25th of July, an oil tanker crashed into our coral reef and slammed onto our east coast, creating the worldwide news of the Wakashio oil spill.
Mauritians, being passionate about our island, did not hesitate one minute to get cracking into action to prevent as much oil as possible from further damaging our environment.
Of course, our Park Lane team quickly joined the remarkable volunteers working hard at the scene. #Wakashio #oilspill #AmazingMauritians #ProudlyMauritian

Last, but not least, we want to THANK YOU !

Many of us have gone through difficult times of hardships, losses and hurdles in 2020. Our thoughts are with you and we reiterate that you will always have a listening ear at Park Lane.
We are NOT in the REAL ESTATE BUSINESS, we are in the RELATIONSHIP BUSINESS, and you are at the heart of it.

I take this opportunity to thank the amazing Park Lane "family" from the depth of my heart for their dedication, hard work and for keeping a strong positive spirit along this unprecedented year which we will gladly put behind us. I also particularly would like to thank YOU for your trust and commitment to us this year. I am deeply grateful.

Happy Holidays ! We all need it !

The team around me joins me in wishing you and your loved ones a very special holiday time.

Philippe de Beer
CEO & Founder