ADVICE TO OWNERS: Enhance your home to better sell it


To seduce potential buyers and obtain the signature for the sale of your house or apartment, do not neglect the preparation of the sale.

Some tips from Park Lane Properties, leading real estate agency in Mauritius:

A property is constantly aging, deteriorating... it wears. Some equipment may no longer meet standards or meet current needs. Before you put the property on sale, it is therefore necessary to analyze all defects and the things that any buyer will want to redo if he considers this purchase.

Take care of the decoration
Selling in the best conditions, and quickly, requires preparing your home for visits and making it pleasant to discover. One method can help: home staging.
This word-for-word phrase "staging of the house" enhances the value of a real estate property for sale through suggestion-based techniques. It is then necessary to condition the state of mind of the potential buyer when he enters for the first time into the property which is for sale.

"The first method of home staging is to "depersonalise" the house for sale. This is to ensure that the house is "neutral", that is to say that the personal "keys" of its owner-seller are not excessively perceptible by the potential buyer at the time of the visit. This will give him the opportunity to immediately personalize, in his mind, the house he visits, " says Philippe de Beer, CEO of Park Lane Properties.
In addition, other tips can be added such as refreshing paint, repairing floors, walls and ceilings or redesigning major rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Promote the assets of the property 
If one sells his property by his own means, it is wise to establish the pros and the cons of his dwelling. "Do not try to hide some defects from your visitors, even an omission that could be blamed on you later, especially if it is akin to a hidden flaw. The prospective buyer will obviously ask you lots of questions. Know how to answer them (schools nearby, equipment, security, noise, neighborhood, projects planned in the neighborhood ...), "comments Philippe de Beer.

Opt for an effective agency
The real estate agency rids the seller of all the chores: visits, administrative procedures ... He knows how to spot the "walkers" from the buyers who have real interest, and thus avoids wasting valuable time.
"You have to run away from the real estate agents who are in a hurry and just take a short time to listen to you. Always opt for a service that brings real added value " adds Philippe de Beer.

Other tips during the visit
Do not forget the property must be spotless for every visit! Strong discipline must be imposed on everyone in the house during the visit period. Shoes and clothes must be put away and beds should be made like in a hotel. Clean and tidy the kitchen and bathrooms, as these are major assets. In the same way, think to ventilate the house well, even to diffuse a light perfume for the potential buyer to feel at ease. And if you have a garden, this must also be taken into account -as much as the interior -and be well maintained. It must be synonymous with well-being and dreams for the future buyer.

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