3 reasons why Mauritius is becoming a hotspot for South Africans to retire!


‘It’s no easy decision to leave your country, culture and people, however Mauritius seems to be an increasingly easy transition for many retirees.’


When it comes to the crux of it there are three simple reasons why South Africans are willing to pack up their lives, put their property up for sale and make a new life in Mauritius.


1. Sun and surf

Simply put it’s a paradise. The lure of palm trees, cocktails out of coconuts and the piercing blue ocean that you see on the front page of getaway magazine becomes a daily reality. And with prime real estate becoming increasingly available in Mauritius to foreigners, it’s no wonder the expat community is steadily increasing.


2. Security

Simply put it’s safe. There is very little crime, no snakes, no poisonous creepy crawlies and strangely enough no shark attacks. Doors open, low walls and leaving your car parked on the road are synonymous with the Mauritian way of life. What else could a retiree ask for than to feel safe progressing into their latter years?


3. Why not spend more money on yourself instead of on tax

Simply put it’s a good investment. Good governance and the need to diversify its revenue from only tourism have resulted in easy foreign investment into Mauritius. With tax laws that limit land transfers to 5% and no capital gains taxes, there are some serious incentives to buy property for sale in Mauritius.


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