PDS Property (2015)


The Property Development Scheme (PDS) has replaced since August 2015 the IRS and RES schemes.
The programme is designed to facilitate the acquisition of residential property by non-citizens in Mauritius. The PDS is basically an integrated project with social dimensions for the benefit of the neighbouring community and allows for the development and sale of high standing residential units mainly to foreigners.
At least 25% of the residential properties developed under PDS must be sold to Mauritians and member of the Mauritian Diaspora (Mauritian living abroad).

The Property Development Scheme provides for the following:
1. development of a minimum of 6 luxurious residential units on freehold land of an extent of at least 0.4220 hectare (1 arpent) but not exceeding 21.105 hectares (50 arpents).
2. high quality public spaces that helps promote social interaction and a
sense of community
3. high-class leisure, commercial amenities and facilities intended to
enhance the residential units.
4. day-to-day management services to residents including security,
maintenance, gardening, solid waste disposal and household services.
5. social contribution in terms of social amenities, community
development and other facilities for the benefit of the community.

Eligibility for acquisition of residential property :
The following persons may acquire a residential property from a PDS Company:
(a) a natural person, whether a citizen of Mauritius, a non-citizen or
a member of the Mauritian Diaspora;
(b) a company incorporated or registered under the Companies Act;
(c) a société, where its deed of formation is deposited with the
Registrar of Companies;
(d) a limited partnership under the Limited Partnerships Act;
(e) a trust, where the trusteeship services are provided by a qualified
trustee; or
(f) Foundation under the Foundations Act.
Note: A qualified global business as defined under the Financial Services Act 2007 holding a Global Business Licence may acquire property under the PDS scheme.

The residential properties may be a mix of:
• Luxury villa with attending services and amenities
• Luxury apartment with attending services and amenities
• Penthouse with attending services and amenities
• Other similar properties used, or available for use, as residence with
attending services or amenities

Extent of residential property
The extent of land in respect of each residential property, other than for an apartment or a penthouse, is developed on land not exceeding 2,100 square metres excluding common areas.

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