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Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) properties can be found within large resorts (golf estate, marina,…) mostly on coastal regions (North, West , South and East coasts) and offer a variety of luxury and high-end freehold property types : apartments, duplexes or individual villas, sold at not less than US$ 500,000 by law. They offer luxury facilities to the residents. These may include a golf course, a marina, nautical and other sport facilities, shops, restaurants, wellness centers and other “à la carte” services. As the owner of an IRS, you will receive residence permit for as long as you remain owner of the property, as well as your spouse and your dependants (up to the age of 24 years old). The residence permit once obtained does not give the right to then buy a property in Mauritius, but you have the right to buy other IRS or RES properties.

You may rent out your property once acquired.

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