Commercial or Business Developments


A non-citizen investor must submit an application for the acquisition of immovable property or part of a building for business purposes, or for the lease of immovable property or part of a building for a period exceeding 20 years for business purposes.
Business purpose means the acquisition or holding of property by non-citizens for:- the development of high activity commercial use building including, but not limited to, shopping mall, office building or warehouse, for own use, sale, (...)

A Guesthouse


Investment in an existing guesthouse/tourist residence by a non‐citizen may be authorized on a case‐to‐case basis only if the existing establishment is upgraded and the new project proposal meets the policy objectives of the Ministry of Tourism & Leisure and complies with very specific requisites:
the existing guesthouse/tourist residence must consist of at least 12 rooms ;
the new project proposal must be of a high architectural design depicting the local and (...)

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